Animal Care Facilities and Shelters

Architectural Design Humane Society Animal Shelters in Virginia 

Dominion Seven Architects, PLLC is a full service architectural and planning firm located in Lynchburg, Virginia. We have a lengthy architectural history in the Commonwealth of designing quality facilities for both the public and private sectors. Our firm is a third generation firm with roots dating back to 1945.
Our firm began designing animal care facilities in the late 1960’s. As the 1990’s approached our firm began a more aggressive marketing campaign to obtain animal care related projects. With this effort, we began to design facilities throughout the eastern portion of the United States. Today Dominion Seven Architects is recognized as the design leader in animal care facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.lynchburg humane interior
We have the expertise and experience required to solve your animal shelter needs. We have completed work on 14 animal shelters since 1996 all over the country, from space programming through construction. Dominion Seven is familiar with the recommendations of the Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Association, as well as the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Veterinary Services). We have worked on numerous occasions with the engineering firms that we have proposed as part of our project team and we are confident that we can provide all of the architectural and engineering services to complete your project as outlined. We are familiar with all of the modern automated equipment found in today’s animal shelters as well as emergency generation and crematorium requirements for disposal of animals.
Our experience has trained us to be aware of the two major design issues in animal shelters: Disease control and maintainability. Our team has solved the problem of disease control in a number of ways - isolation, filtration systems, and fresh air exchanges. Maintainability consists of designing a durable and easy-to-clean facility. We can show you examples of a variety of different finishing materials that are easily maintainable. Each material has its pros and cons, as well as a wide range of associated costs.
Our team also knows about the latest kennel equipment that has been tested and guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Dominion Seven will discuss all of your equipment requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each, and equipment costs with your Project Manager. We are committed to provide you with a finished product that meets both your physical and financial needs.


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