Dominion Seven Architects was incorporated in Lynchburg, Virginia in October, 2003. The firm has a rich history on which to build and continue to offer quality design services. Dominion Seven benefits from the history and experience of two firms: Fauber Architects and BCWH-Lynchburg. Fauber Architects was founded in 1945 by J. Everette Fauber, Jr. and quickly became the premier firm in Lynchburg. Mr. Fauber developed his reputation on a local and regional level with a variety of project types that focused on providing his clients with an attention to architectural detailing that brought a richness and sense of place to his creations.knanawha drawing lynchburg acrchitects

Ebo Fauber, his oldest son, and Robert Garbee, purchased the firm and expanded upon Mr. Fauber’s legacy. The new firm, Fauber Garbee, was known for the quality of their product and the high level of service that was provided to their clients. Upon Mr. Garbee’s retirement in 1986, Fauber Architects was incorporated. From 1986 to 2000 the organization became the firm of choice for the region’s educational and municipal projects. The firm’s educational and municipal focus began to shift away from new buildings in order to focus on the renovation and addition of existing facilities. There are many excellent structures in the state of Virginia and, quite often, renovation seems more prudent than building new.

Bond Comet Westmoreland + Hiner of Richmond and Fauber Architects merged in the summer of 2000. That partnership ended when the Lynchburg associates purchased the firm back to establish it as Dominion Seven Architects in October, 2003. Dominion Seven has assimilated the best of both Fauber Architects and BCWH-Lynchburg. Today we are a firm who strives to “exceed the customer’s expectations” through personal and professional service, delivers a quality product that is timeless, and is committed to the future of our communities. The owners have been very involved in local community organizations and have a desire to contribute to the vitality of the local and state area.

The name of the firm reflects its commitment to the area. The “Dominion” represents our residence in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the “Seven” represents Lynchburg, the City of Seven Hills, the home of the business.